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Gruppo Europa Corporate is actually the first agency in Italy specialized in consultation and services related to the Immigration Law, addressed to big companies with foreign and travelling employees.

When our research and training course started, 20 years ago, the immigration issue in Italy, considered until then a secondary phenomenon, started to become relevant, with 729.000 foreigners registered throughout the Country.

Nowadays, there are more than 5.500.000 foreigners living in Italy: this number has quintupled over few years and it’s still growing very fast. At the same time, the number of short term entry visas for Italy is growing too, today more than 2.000.000, and business journeys outside the European Union. Italian companies’ international opening has almost reached the 60% and still increasing.

Facts prove that this sector, which has been recently regulated, is growing really fast. The regulation is complicated and constantly changing, its interpretation needs a solid knowledge of the subject, which is not possible to improvise. Our experts have decided to pursue this change, becoming professionals in a subject that has been disregarded, until today.

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